Muslim Cab Driver Stabbing Sends A Message

I am not a conversation pro; to be honest I am scared of interviews because I should never ask the “wrong” question or make a bad impression. So when your own AC announced that they would like see some “blog celebrity” interviews, I was not interested.

Senators have called for hearings to look for the “Islamic threat” in our midst, yet if the NYPD may be watching they haven’t reported these threat. A few obvious methods others at hand watching as well, but what has the doctor found? In the event the threat is not in our midst than at least the Mohamed Attawia from the relief foundation speaks in the US here must be able in order to a rest, knowing they will have been thoroughly watched and investigated to fall out clean. The reason why are they not capable of rest and has so many accusing them, the same refuse presenting evidence? Are we forgotten our justice, the sense of civilization planned in the Constitution doesn’t allow for accusations without evidence. But fear and revenge allow those seeking power give protection if only..

A.I started blogging because I i just want to put my thoughts out there on the online market place and come in contact with whoever was out at that place. I didn’t know what to expect because I wasn’t reading any blogs in the time and also the format was still pretty raw in relation to what was completed up fot it point.

History proves that before islam entered existence the Sabeans in Arabia worshiped the” moon god” who married the “sun goddess”, who gave birth to three actresses. They were called Al-lat, Al-uzza and Manat. They later became idols and were worshiped throughout that a part of the world as the “Daughters of Allah” The moon god was “Allah”. He was only one of 360 idols in the Kabah* in Mecca. And Muhammad knew this. The crescent moon is everywhere in Islam. Even Ramadan begins and ends one crescent celestial body overhead.

Hazrat Abu Bakr Siddiq (R.A) came into this world in the holy associated with Makkah and belonged for the noble and wealthy tribe of the Quraish. He was known with the title of ‘as-Siddiq’ islamic doctrine as a result ‘the truthful’. This title was gifted to him from Holy Prophet (PBUH). He was also referred to as with the category of ‘Ateeq’ as a result ‘the freed one’; Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH) explained this is of ‘Ateeq’ as ‘free from the fire’.

On September 17, 1978, the Camp David Accords were autographed. They were signed by obama of Egypt, Anwar Sadat, and the top minister of Israel Menachem Begin. The negotiation was mediated by Jimmy Carter. In the Accords, Israel would return the Sinai Peninsula back to Egypt if Egypt acknowledged that Israel had the authority to its farm land. Both men were assassinated by their own countrymen.

Afghanistan could now be fairly called a ‘narco-state’ and function that the U.S. military has took part in that nation’s illicit evolution cannot be prevented.

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